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saw blades - SH-JP-11

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: SH Model Number: SH-JP-11

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saw blades

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saw blades
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Specifications and Product Details:

Ulrathin circular saw blades for wood(super thin balde saw).

Tooth Moedel:ATB

Application:Its designed for cutting both dry hard and soft wood, and also can be used to cut shaving board, wood fiber ,and joinery panel.

Item No

Outer diameter

Body thickness


Hole Diameter(MM)

Teeth Number

SH-008641100.9~1.11.0~1.42020T 30T 40T
SH-008751250.9~1.11.0~1.42030T 40T 50T 60T
SH-008861500.9~1.11.0~1.420/25.430T 40T 50T 60T
SH-008971800.9~1.21.0~1.620/25.440T 50T 60T
SH-009082000.9~1.21.2~1.620/25.430T 40T 60T 80T 100T
SH-009192301.0~1.31.4~1.820/25.440T 60T 80T 100T
SH-0092102501.2~1.51.6~2.020/25.440T 60T 80T 100T 120T
SH-0093123001.3~1.71.8~2.225.4/3040T 60T 80T 100T 120T
SH-0094143501.3~1.71.8~2.425.4/3040T 60T 80T 100T 120T
SH-0095164001.7~2.02.0~2.625.4/3040T 60T 80T 100T 120T
SH-0096184501.8~2.22.2~2.825.4/3040T 60T 80T 100T 120T
SH-0097205002.0~2.52.4~3.025.4/3040T 60T 80T 100T 120T
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