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Tool Cabinet

Tool Cabinet
There are nearly 12 specifications and 1200 kinds of cabinet body type , Applied with drawer , it is suitable to manage tools , measuring tools , fixture , cutter , parts and materials in workshop , scientific management ,easy to store , classify , layout .As the storage devices of the manufacturing , precise ergonomic design and high quality control system to be adopted during design and manufacture process to meet the client¨s demands ,safety and perfect ,help enterprise to improve 6S standard .
1、 body design by three pieces style ,sturdy and durable , special surface treament , antiseptic ,suitable for variety work field . 2、 Spring lock , comfortable feel , only one lock can locked all drawers , safety and reliable .
3、 Special aluminum alloy handle , equipped with label , beautiful and practical , safety and convenience ,easy to manage and classify .
4、 Every drawer equipped with safey lock to protect parts drop when carrying or shock .
5、Assortment container ,partition board is optional for the drawer , easy to manage ,improve storage space .
6、 Special steel guidance track , the drawer can be opened easily no matter full or empty load .
7、 Singel track, double track or three track is optional for the drawer in the same cabinet .
8、Top frame could be optional for the , applied with anti C corrosion mat to protect goods and cabinet top .
9、 Equipped with mat at the bottom of the cabinet , suitable for special work environment .
10、 Kinds of color could be optional , to meet client¨s total layout demands .
Drawer feature:
1、 According international standard 25 times configuration , from min 50mm to max 400mm,you can choose your favorite .
2、 Drawer quantity can equipped according cabinet height , it as to : all drawers height = cabinet height C 100mm
3、 Equipped with safety lock to protect droping of the parts
4、 In the drawer , you can divide space as you wish , more accessories could be optional , to improve your parts management .
5、 If the drawer height is 50mm, you can only choose singel track for the drawer , capacity: 80kg/drawer , open rate : 80%

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