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Small Boker folding knife/Pocket folding knife with G10 handle

Small Boker folding knife/Pocket folding knife with G10 handle
Today, Boker is one of the best-known names in the knife world. The roots of the Boker company stretch back nearly 200 years. In 1829, two brothers in Germany began manufacturing sabers. From this early date, the company symbol was modeled after the chestnut tree towering over their small factory. Today, this symbol still adorns each knife created in the Boker factory.For more than a century, the Boker name has been associated with top quality kitchen cutlery and some of the best knives in the world. With innovative designs and impeccable precision, Boker uses the highest grade materials available to craft sought-after knives. Boker blades are typically made from carbon, tool, surgical, or stainless steel. These may be a single layer of steel or as many as three hundred separate layers. Layered blades are more flexible, while single-sheet blades are stronger and more durable. Some Boker knives feature forged titanium blades in place of steel. The specially designed handle may be made from wood, stag horn, mother of pearl, or a variety of modern synthetic materials

As the company grew, the brothers decided that it was time to expand operations. Hermann Boker moved to New York, while Robert moved to Mexico. Meanwhile, Heinrich moved to Solingen. This town was then known as the center of the German cutlery industry. The company that is now known as Boker was officially founded in 1869. Today, Boker knives are still made in the town of Solingen.


With uncompromising quality since the beginning, Boker now offers a full line of knives, including pocket knives, fixed blade styles, and kitchen cutlery. Today, Boker knives range from fixed blade throwing knives fit for competition, to beautiful and intricately design collectors' knives, to top quality kitchen cutlery. Those who favor Boker know that they won't have to compromise aesthetics or style to get a top quality and durable knife that feels tailor-made to fit their needs.

Throughout its lengthy history, Boker has been recognized for continuing innovation in the knife world. The Boker name is particularly well known for reliable utility knives that withstand the harsh demands of any environment. These knives are favored by military and law enforcement officers as well as civilians. Boker knives are found not only in the wilderness, but also back at home. Boker kitchen cutlery maintains its razor sharp edge even with a high level of use.

Many collectors even seek out Boker knives because of their designs. Intricate details on blades and handles ensure that you won't have to compromise quality for beauty. To keep your Boker knives beautiful, whether on display or being used daily in the kitchen or outdoors, always store them properly. Many Boker knives come with a specially-designed sheath or knife block for this purpose. When your knife needs sharpening, as all knives inevitably will, trust Boker sharpening stones and steels to keep your knives looking beautiful and working great.

Today, Boker offers a complete line of knives and knife accessories. You'll find the finest fixed-blade knives, kitchen cutlery, and even straight razors from Boker, with materials ranging from fine Damascus steel to modern ceramics and synthetics. Boker remains sought after, as it has for nearly two centuries, as a top quality name in the knife world.

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