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We are one of the Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of World Class Quality Hand Tools and offer Competitive Prices. - more info check here: http://www.buyindustrialtools.com/HAND-TOOLS-MANUFACTURERS-INDIA-10031704/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Punjab India Brand Name: JF Hand Tools Model Number: JTW-010 Type: Hand Tools

Product Features:

We are one of the Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of World Class Quality Hand Tools and offer Competitive Prices.

Business Terms:

Port: Mumbai Port, India

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Ton/Tons

Supply Ability: 100 Ton/Tons per Month

Payment Terms: T/T

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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: All kinds of Packings are available for Hand Tools as per buyer's choice.

Delivery Detail: 1x20ft Container just within 30 days after the confirmed order !

Specifications and Product Details:

We are one of the Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of World class Quality Hand tools and offer Competitive Price with quick delivery period. Our Range includes following items :-

.Spanners :

Double Open End Jaw Spanners, Double Open End Jaw Spanners Long Pattern, Double Open End Jaw Spanners Long Pattern (Flat Panel), Double Open End Jaw Spanners Long Pattern (Cold Stamped), Combination Spanners (Cold Stamped), Elliptical Type Combination Spanners (Fully Polished), Combination Spanners (Raised Panel), Bihexagonal Ring Spanners, Elliptical Ring Spanners, Ring Spanners (Cold Stamped) . All Jumbo Sizes are available.

. Pliers:

Combination Pliers, Combination Pliers (Super Type), Combination Pliers (Taiwan Type), Bend Nose Pliers, Side Cutting Pliers, Side Cutting Pliers (Taiwan Type), Long Nose Pliers, Long Nose Pliers (Taiwan Type), Locking Pliers, Water Pump Pliers (Channel Type), Water Pump Pliers (Slip Joint Type), Water Pump Pliers (Box Joint Type), Wire Strip Pliers, Circlip Pliers, Miniature Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Fence Pliers, Tin Cutters, Top Cutter Pliers, Cobler Pincers, Tower Pincers (Flat Head), Carpenter Pincers

  • Vices:

    C.I. Bench Vices (Swivel Base), C.I. Bench Vices (Fixed Base), All Steel Bench Vices (Fixed Base), All Steel Bench Vices (Swivel Base), Baby Vices (Slide type Swivel Base), Baby Vices (Pin Type), Hand Vices, Uni-grip Vices, Drill Press Vices (Standard), Milling Machine Vices, Shaper Machine Vices, Wood Working Vices

    . Plumbing Tools:

    Pipe Vice Self, Chain Pipe Vice, Pipe Cutter, Tube Cutter/Mini Pipe Cutter, Pipe Die Set, Ratchet Pipe Die Set

  • Leather Accessories:

    Leather Tool Pouch, Multi Purpose Leather Nail Bag, Leather Hammer Holder (Swinging type & Fixed type), Leather Tape Holder, Industrial Gloves, Working Gloves

  • Stainless Utensils:

    Double Bowl, Mixing Bowl, 5 Pcs. Mixing Bowl, Mixing Bowl European, Handing Bowl, Deep Mixing Bowl with Lid, Measuring Bowl Set, Mixing Bowl Korean, Double Colander, Colander Delux, Colander Tubular Handle, Colander 2/wire Handle, Oval Roaster, Spoon Set Oval Handle (Deluxe), Kitchen Tool Blue Magic, Rice Server, Measuring Cup Set, Flatware in Vinyl Pack, Table Serving Spoons Decent, 4 Pcs. Measuring Spoon Set, Flatware Slide Blister Pack, Serving Spoons on Display Card, Pet Bowl Anti Skid Side Embosed, Water Pitcher, Multi Purpose Shaker, Coffee Pot, Pet Bowl Top Embosed, Backing Tray with/without Rack, Cocktail Shaker, Ice Tongue, Kebab Screwier, Napkin Holder, Soap Dish, Ashtray, Colander (Leaf Hole), Bucket


    Pipe Wrench Stillson Type, Pipe Wrench Rigid Type, Adjustable Wrech, Chain Pipe Wrench, Basin Wrench

  • Hammers:

    Ball Pein Hammer, Cross Pein Hammer, Machinist Hammer, Club Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Claw Hammer with Tubular Handle, Lady Claw Hammer, Chipping Hammer with Spring Handle

  • Carpentry Tools:

    Jack Plane/Jack Plane Corrugated, Block Plane, Hand Drill Machine, Breast Drill Machine, G-Cramps (Heavy Duty), Mini G-Cramps, T-Bar Cramps, Spirit Level

  • Other Tools:

    Bearing Puller Three Leg/Two Legs, Oil Cans, Grease Gun Lever Type, Silicon Gun English Type, Four Way Wheel Spanner, Angular Wheel Spanners, Two Way Wheel Spanners, Box Spanners, Try Square, Spring Caliper, Engineer's Square, Vernier Caliper, Micro Meter, Hacksaw Frame Fixed with Wooden Handle,Hacksaw Frame tubular with Steel Handle/Plastic Handle, Junior Hacksaw Chrome Plated or Painted, Hacksaw frame tubular with Plastic Handle, Nail Pullar with Grip Single Bend/Double Bend, Mason Chisel (Flat & Pointed), Filter Wrench, Bolster Chisel, Mason Peg, Wrecking Bar, Utility Bar, Plugging Chisel, Screw Drivers, Tap Wrench, Round Tap Wrench, Letter & Figure Punch, Centre Punch, Hand Grinder, Gas Spanner, Earth Clamp, Canvas Tool Bags, Anvil, Tyre Lever Chrome, Rotary Pump/Barrel, Wood Wedge, Shoe Maker, Drill Chuck with Key, Curtain Rods

  • Our Hand tools are free from any Mechanical defects. We use tested material in production of our Hand Tools to ensure durability of our hand tools. Interested serious customer's may contact us directly with their specific enquiries which will be received our prompt attentions at all times.